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Blogs vs. Wikis

According to Wikipedia’s own definition a wiki “is a website that allows the easy creation and editing.” Unlike blogs where they are limited to a post by one person, wikis can be edited and updated by different users. However blogs share similarities social roles such as contribution and sharing of ideas. A person can post on a blog and have others comment on the post while a wiki would unite users to have one post whether it’s in sections or uniformed. Both unite people into converging ideas.

Convergence is very important in educating people. In the prehistoric times stories would be passed down from generation to generation, while in present days the internet unites people with their own thoughts and ideas. In today’s networked world a community of strangers can be united by a blog for instance The forum converges people with news about their neighborhood. With the arrest of local drug dealers the residents were informed of the safety of their whereabouts.

Blogs are usually used for collaboration when a blogger asks for input on their post. For instance a blogger can voice their opinions about a newly released movie and also ask his or her reader to share their own reviews. In that case comments can be made on the blog post with different types of reviews such as criticizing actors or admiring the director’s setting. Another way a blog is collaborated, when a blogger is doing research of the psychological findings on Rorschach test analysis. Another blogger can either create a blog or comment with a different research.

Wikis could be used to work on programs. Software/Hardware exploits are always in demand by the internet community and there are different teams working on them. It would be more progressive for the developers to set up a wiki where they can all input their programming work.


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New Media: A Revolutionary Economy

The project is describing new media’s effects on business world. From Web 2.0 on marketing to eBay on sales. Dot-com bubble has boomed the economy up until 2001.  The project won’t only include the rise of the economy from the internet but also the use of marketing, e-commerce, and technology that has came about such as smart phones. I will explain how websites such as FaceBook, PayPal, eBay, and e-trade have made their marks on the finance world and have increased U.S. economy.

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Describe New Media

In today’s age new media refers to Web 2.0 but can also be extended into devices such as smart phones.  Before I can elaborate on new media, I have to explain the “old”. Old media is anything to do with information that is transcribed on by traditional means such as television, radio, and printed material.  The new media comes into play with the use of computers so one can interact with the media. Computers are big part of the new media and is the main one as it gives the ultimate power to use the new media.

According to the “Articles of Faith” a magazine would be where you flip pages through but there is also an online magazine. This is where the new media steps in, making the magazine online with links and videos intractable. Unlike old media where if its printed or released in production is final and not editable but with new media anything is editable. Communication is also part of new media where users can send messages back and forth with each other on websites or other multimedia programs. Youtube for instance brought upon community of new media where it was described in “Wired Magazine: 17.01” where a user was able to include all of the 5 C’s in his video uploads. Communicating with Youtube’s community through his creativity collaborated all thanks to new media.  Old media was unable to make this happen due to the restriction of its technology. Now smart phones have the applications where a person can create his blog or read books from. Portable devices have extended the growth of new media. Laptops with web cams or iPhones made it easier to communicate on the go.  Social media websites such as facebook is growing at a fast rate where many businesses have used it as a marketing tool.

So is the new media a tool for creation or just another form of human evolution? Maybe both.


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