Advice to Baruch College

There are several ways that new media can improve Baruch college. Some of the way are already in use such as facebook group pages that help get students in touch with each other. Having twitter lists for classes would also be a great way to communicate with students. With tweets concerning each class, people would interact faster and get the help they need. Sometimes learning has to be done on the go and with the use of new media such as twitter or facebook people can share their knowledge  and expand the learning ways. I feel that by having a discussion will leave a bigger impact on a student’s understanding of a class topic than by reading about it in the book.

There should also be blogs or twitters about Baruch. Even though our school already has a twitter page students still lack the news that surround the campus such as the film shootings or the escalator status’. Wikis’ can also be useful to learn about different clubs or courses. There’s no better way to advertise one’s club then online where everyone has the time and access to the information. Facebook can benefit the college by having a suggestions page where students can leave their suggestions and have others thumb up on the posts. This will run the ideas through social sites and spark them to life when those suggestions are implemented.

  1. #1 by Rusty Shvydkiy on December 7, 2010 - 11:53 am

    I definitely agree with your ideas of integrating Facebook, wikis, and tweets into the Baruch life. It would greatly benefit the students to know all of the situations that Baruch currently is undergoing through such things as an updated tweet account or even a Facebook. The wiki page for clubs is also a great idea because there are so many different clubs that it is hard to keep up and know all of the meetings and things of that nature. If there is a wiki devoted to each club the students will be able to obtain better information regarding the clubs that they are interested.
    I also agree with the idea that discussions both in class and online are much better ways for students to understand the material. I believe that if they both read the material and then have discussions then the students will retain the information in a much better way than cramming and studying alone.

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