Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to social networking sites. Websites such as facebook and myspace expose one’s privacy to the extent where it’s archived. You may think twice about posting a picture of yourself at a party or updating your location because you never know who will check it. While having the control over the photos you post, others can post photos of you, which are beyond your control. Thus tagging has become popular so that viewers can see who is who in the picture. Other then removing your tag you can only ask the user to remove a photo of you. Sure it is understandable that a user of social networking sites complies with obvious privacy invasion but some don’t know how serious it is. Adjusting the privacy settings may not be enough as hackers found ways to exploit the system for personal information.

As I stated in my previous posts, hiring process may begin before the interview. Companies use websites such as facebook to check whether their new hire is an avid party goer that will tarnish the image for the firm. Facebook applications also invade privacy. Every time a user adds an app to his or her page a statement shows up allowing to “access my basic information” which most people ignore. This allows third party applications to use your personal information for their gains, whether it is benefiting or not it also poses a threat to privacy from new media.

  1. #1 by anewmediablog on November 19, 2010 - 12:15 pm

    I don’t understand why people update their location, and they don’t realized that they let know people who they barely know where they have been. I just think people don’t realize the danger of doing that. A good example of that it was a woman who got robbed because she updated her status saying she wasn’t home. Its like leaving your house with open door and let the whole neighborhood that you are not home. You might know some people in your neighborhood but not everyone. Third-party apps supposedly access basic information but if you check the news some third party do more with that information. Like you said some companies look into social networking site but they are not the only one, I read an article that person was sue because she claimed she was sick[or injured i think] to the insurance company but the picture she posted didn’t show that.

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