How did I get here?

You probably stumbled onto this blog only because of the curiosity behind the many amazing, exhilarating gifs. Well this blog originated for class assignments and put to use as a hosting site. So before you say to yourself “tl;wr” the post koncludes that you won’t find the library of the gifs but just these ’10 blogs that I somehow did not have the common courtesy to make private.


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The Social Network (Movie)

The social network is a great depiction of the story of Facebook. Not that I know the background of how Facebook came about, it involves a lot of new media techniques. Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook was great. The acting between characters showed a situation that started from close friendship to a real partnership in a business. The movie starts off with social troubles of a college student who takes his anger out online. This leads him to collaborate with his future business partner and ultimately crash Harvard’s network. The Facebook became the fastest growing website at that time which was discovered by Sean Parker who advised Zuckerberg throughout. However through his success Zuckerberg was sued by two parties who felt deprived of their economical income. It is understandable that as a Baruch student and being in a business profession that things like this happen. The movie shows both sides of CEO and his goal of having the “coolest thing around.” The Social Network also explains the success of the social website by distinguishing it from other similar sites and being so addictive. The website’s limited ads also make keep it from selling out. In overall, I enjoyed the movie as it portrays campus life and realities in a business world.

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The Next New Thing

Virtual Reality – the next new media. This can include either holograms or special glasses that will visualize 3D like images. Virtual realities are beneficial in recreational gaming or getting over phobia like fears. A hologram is useful when shopping from clothes to cars. This is more than 3D and it is beyond the technology we have now. While a virtual reality that one would receive from putting on special glasses is easier to invent. This can also be the next type of gaming and will require more exercise than a Wii. Apart from gaming people who suffer from phobias can learn to cope with it by experiencing their fears from a low level to high. Languages can also be learned from virtual realities. As Rosetta Stone incorporates a microphone to practice speaking a virtual world can put you into a foreign language speaking society.


Our Class Wiki – So Far

I have contributed to the wiki lab as well as my bio. As for the wiki assignments I am working on New Media and Economics. My research is based on the same sources from my research paper. Wiki would include the benefits of using new media to reach out to consumers as well as efficient advertising. Ways our economy has been affected by websites such as facebook and twitter. Another section would be the IT bubble just to get the background on how economy on the internet started.

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About My Term Research Paper

My term research paper was about economy on the internet. Going to a business school the finance world is always on my mind. My paper talks about different ways money is earned over the internet. Started out to explain how it all started from the dot-com bubble to its collapse.  Referenced eBay as the business became a great hit and survived the IT burst.  Other factors of money making online are advertisements and digital content.  Wikipedia along with Google scholar helped me in my research. Wikipedia’s references gave me easy access without the pain of looking through different articles, while Google showed me scholarly articles that were needed for legitimacy.  Other than finding out not spreading out work over time leads to sleep deprivation, I’ve learned about the history of the internet that I missed out on.  I have discovered about merges and bankruptcies of well known companies.

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Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to social networking sites. Websites such as facebook and myspace expose one’s privacy to the extent where it’s archived. You may think twice about posting a picture of yourself at a party or updating your location because you never know who will check it. While having the control over the photos you post, others can post photos of you, which are beyond your control. Thus tagging has become popular so that viewers can see who is who in the picture. Other then removing your tag you can only ask the user to remove a photo of you. Sure it is understandable that a user of social networking sites complies with obvious privacy invasion but some don’t know how serious it is. Adjusting the privacy settings may not be enough as hackers found ways to exploit the system for personal information.

As I stated in my previous posts, hiring process may begin before the interview. Companies use websites such as facebook to check whether their new hire is an avid party goer that will tarnish the image for the firm. Facebook applications also invade privacy. Every time a user adds an app to his or her page a statement shows up allowing to “access my basic information” which most people ignore. This allows third party applications to use your personal information for their gains, whether it is benefiting or not it also poses a threat to privacy from new media.

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Advice to Baruch College

There are several ways that new media can improve Baruch college. Some of the way are already in use such as facebook group pages that help get students in touch with each other. Having twitter lists for classes would also be a great way to communicate with students. With tweets concerning each class, people would interact faster and get the help they need. Sometimes learning has to be done on the go and with the use of new media such as twitter or facebook people can share their knowledge  and expand the learning ways. I feel that by having a discussion will leave a bigger impact on a student’s understanding of a class topic than by reading about it in the book.

There should also be blogs or twitters about Baruch. Even though our school already has a twitter page students still lack the news that surround the campus such as the film shootings or the escalator status’. Wikis’ can also be useful to learn about different clubs or courses. There’s no better way to advertise one’s club then online where everyone has the time and access to the information. Facebook can benefit the college by having a suggestions page where students can leave their suggestions and have others thumb up on the posts. This will run the ideas through social sites and spark them to life when those suggestions are implemented.

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